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BeSafe provide Health & Safety consultancy services, at competitive rates, to companies who are seeking to develop and implement safety management systems or audit existing systems. 


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Provide common sense, cost effective solutions

Deliver peace of mind so that you can get on with your day to day business


Safety Policy Documentation:

If your company employs five people or more, you are legally obliged to produce a documented safety management system, including a policy statement, outlining the safety aims of the company and how you are going to achieve them. This document should set out clearly how the company is going to meet its legal responsibilities and to whom each of those responsibilities is delegated. 


The policy is only one step of the setting up of a successful safety management system but forms the basis from which the system is developed.  BeSafe can provide assistance with drafting of policy statements, objectives and user friendly manuals to help create a positive culture of safety throughout your business.


Through the review of existing work practices, BeSafe will help identify potential risks to your customers and business in order to set up workable systems and procedures to help you protect your business.  


Risk Assessments:       

Whatever the size, nature or type of your business, you need to show that you have assessed the hazards within your workplace and put in place effective controls to reduce risks.


If you employ five people or more, risk assessments must be documented. 


Although this may appear a daunting process, an effective risk management system can assist in reducing daily costs to your business through reduction of illness/injury and its' impact on the productivity of your business. Equally important are the effects of profitability because of negative publicity and the harm to the reputation of your business.


BeSafe can take the strain by undertaking your risk assessments and offering practical, common sense solutions where change is required to reduce risk. Once we have assisted you with the initial risk assessment, BeSafe will provide training and support to ensure that your business remains compliant and as safe as is "reasonably practicable". 




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